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The Sheltons

The saying ‘there is beauty in the struggle’ in an understatement when it comes to the young, talented, dynamic group The Sheltons. The self-taught instrumental abilities, effortless harmony, and positive inspiration deliver a message of hope and family values to all who listen. The Sheltons consist of 5 members, all brothers, and sisters ranging in age from 15-21. David Jr, Angelique, Shilah, Thaddeus, and Xavier Shelton are the epitome of young people inspiring others to focus on their dreams and to wholly trust in God.
Parents, David, and Yevette Shelton, made a huge move from Detroit to the Atlanta area in 2008 with their 5 children. All of his life, David had an undying love of music, teaching himself to play multiple instruments. He was completely unaware that his musical talents and determination was all part of God’s bigger plan that would later manifest into greatness.
A few years ago, the Shelton family faced a total loss house fire resulting in them being homeless. Having to live in shelters, cars, hotels, and with family and friends, But In the midst of these tragedies, the triumph would spark and a transparent display of God’s promise would begin.
The Sheltons, under the teachings of their mentor and father, David Shelton, started working hard on learning 5 part harmony. Jumping into the Gospel music scene and starting to make their mark in the industry. These 5 very inspirational young people want to encourage others to stand firm on God's promises.

In October 2016 The Sheltons accepted a role as the church choir in an up and coming film Burden, written by Andrew Heckler.

The Sheltons also have their own radio show "NGG New Gospel Generation" that airs every Sunday on
On June 10 2017 The Sheltons debut their first album " that's why I say" produced by Nathaniel Levingston.
This family wants to remind everyone to build your foundation on faith, family, hard work, dedication, and to always wait on and follow the instructions of All Mighty God, trusting and believing that storms do pass, mountains are moveable, and giants do fall!!

The Sheltons

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